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B.Voc Degrees
The Bachelor Of Vocation (B.Voc) programmes
The B.Voc degrees will be granted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences - School of Vocational Education which is considered as one of the best Universities in India.
The B.Voc courses prepare you for the vocation through a logical mix of theory and practical knowledge. Gaining practical knowledge through on-the-job training is a must and carries a lot of weight (credit points) in the final evaluation of a student.
The students gain industry experience through the SKP (Skill Knowledge Partners) or companies that partner with the University to impart knowledge. The student has to complete a required number of training with the company and his supervisor at the company evaluates the student at the end of it. The student also gains knowledge through classroom lectures.
More, a student can exit the degree programme after completing first year and he will still get a Diploma in the vocation. Similarly in the second year, het gets an Advanced Diploma and after successfully completing the third year, he gets the B.Voc Degree.
The B.Voc. is a recognised graduate degree and the student qualifies for any competitive exam that requires a graduate degree.
The student can also do any Masters Degree that requires a graduate degree after completing the B.Voc degree.