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Counselling Service
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counselFeeling depressed? Here’s someone to share your feelings with. LET’S TALK.

There are times when you just want to speak to somebody who won't judge you.
There are certain problems that you can't discuss with your parents. There are some issues your friends cannot help you with. There are some issues which even the doctors cannot solve.
There are times when you just want to whisper into the ears of somebody unknown who will care to listen to you and tell you what should be your next step.
There are moments when you feel very sad, like... so sad that you don't even feel like speaking with anybody.

Feeling depressed is normal. You need to share your thoughts
We all go through these times.

Others will ask you to visit a Doctor of Psychiatry. But we all know you don't need a doctor immediately but somebody who can sort you out immediately. We have a solution for you.

Harkisan Mehta Institute is proud to associate with for student counselling services.
Here you can meet and talk to counsellors who have decades of experience in handling student related issues.

We are here to listen and solve your problems
What's more? If you produce the student identity card of Harkisan Mehta Institute (even ex-students are eligible for these services) or any student identification document (like diploma certificate), you will be eligible for a special and substantial discount.
This facility is now extended to ex-students of Harkisan Mehta Institute as well.

Please note: We will be aware if you have gone for counselling in case you are availing of the discount. If you chose to keep your identity a secret and make such a request, then you will not be eligible for the discount and will have to pay full counselling fees.
Please contact: Dr Anju Kapoor at +919820306613, email:

Please Note: Charges: Rs 2000/- (individual session)  to 2500/- (couple session). All #HMMRA students will get a discount of Rs. 500/- on the above rates on production of the student ID card.