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Why study at HMMRA
Why study at HMMRA
NO EXAMS! We mark you on assignments and projects
NoExamsWe follow a strict no-exam policy at HMMRA, which means we don’t let our students go through the pains of taking an exam. In India, the examination system judges a student’s learning ability through written answer sheets. Let’s admit this, in real-life professions, there are no question or answer papers. We will teach you to be a successful professional. At HMMRA, we give you customised professional projects and assignments to judge how much you have learnt. We evaluate you on how good a professional you are and not how much you have memorised from the chapters of the text book.
IT’S PRACTICAL! We don’t depend on textbooks
ItWe don’t have textbooks in HMMRA. It’s simple - if we don’t have exams, why would we need the textbooks for? At our institute, the knowledge is 100% practical. The study materials that we use are sourced from the latest developments in the field and not from a book that was written five years back. Our professors refer to study materials and web pages while delivering lectures but you don’t need to memorise them. In the world of media, you judged by how skilfully you can do your work and not how fast you can memorise. So, keep your ‘school bag’  at home before you enter our institution.
GET TRAINED! We don’t make you learn, we train you
GetTrainedIn every media college, the curriculum aims to make you learn. Hence they heavily base themselves on theories, history and processes. At our institute, we have completely moved away from that practice. We try to simulate real-life professional situations inside the classrooms. Our aim is to ensure that you are able to perform at your job right from the first day. When you step out of our institute and into the professional world, you should not feel that you haven’t learnt how to deal with professional real-life situations. So, come here to get trained for a job and not to remember what’s written in the book. We regularly conduct industry visits, seminars, workshops and master classes where our students interact with the best minds in the industry and yes, a few celebrities too.
IT’S PROFESSIONAL! Industry experts teach you, not professors
ItsProfessionalWith due respect to the academic world where people are judged on the basis of degrees and titles, we call ourselves the Resistance. All our teachers are super successful professionals who have learnt it the hard way. Right from our director to the workshop conductors, they are all successful professionals. Nobody in this institute (teaching faculty) has a less than 10 years of work experience. No, our institute is not run by retired professionals as all our faculty members are still active in their professional lives. The courses are designed and run by faculty who are successful professionals. When most Indian universities changes their course materials once in five years, we update our modules every month. Our professional-lecturers work hard to give you the latest so that you stay ahead of students from other institutes.
INDUSTRY RECOGNISED: The best media companies recruit our students
IndustryRecognisedOver the past couple of years, the best media companies have recruited our students. There is hardly a leading media company where our students are not working. Some of the companies who have recruited our students this year (both as interns and trainees) include The Times of India, Economic Times, Zee Group, DNA, Barnston Marsteller, Ogilvy and Mather, Genesis etc.
The companies prefer our students because they don’t need to spend money to train them. They can work from the first day itself. Our students know their job and how to do it, just ask them to start working!